Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wishing Davies The Best...

I was going to post something about the US team today, maybe look at the current roster status and do something of a power poll for World Cup roster spots. Unfortunately life sucked the air of out of me today as I read the emerging news of a serious car crash involving Charlie Davies early this morning.

When I read the headline that Davies was in a deadly car accident, my stomach just dropped. One person is already dead and Davies is in surgery for non-life threatening but possibly career-threatening injuries. Everyone across the US soccer nation is surely stunned and saddened right now, wishing the best for the family of the deceased and for a speedy recovery for Davies.

There's also a lot of speculation going on right now as to the cause of the accident. One car crashes at 3:15am usually mean one thing. I don't want to seem like I'm stretching here, but through an acquaintance who was a friend of the deceased, I heard there was definitely alcohol involved. However, Davies was not driving. I'm saddened to think that Davies, a player with such potential and a great career ahead of him, put himself in such a poor position. Following along the USMNT during qualification, Confederations Cup, and more, I know lots of people feel very connected to these players, just as I do, and something this horrible really hurts even if I don't personally know Davies.

More to come...
Update: The long and awful list of injuries to Charlie Davies includes: lacerated bladder, fractured right tibia and femur (yikes) that required titanium rods, facial fractures, and a broken elbow, with more surgeries to come the next week to stabilize his facial and elbow fractures. Wow, that's a serious list, and he's damn lucky to be alive, let alone have a chance at recovering in a year or so and having a successful career (which he will have a chance to do thankfully). Not much more I feel like adding today, though I'll certainly be looking out for how both the team and fans honor Davies tomorrow at RFK.

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