Monday, January 25, 2010

CD9 on the Mend

For US fans, this update on Charlie Davies's miraculous on-going recovery from the injuries he sustained from that deadly car accident back in October is a must read.

I'm still not willing to consider him for a World Cup spot until I see him on the field because I know how much remains before he can get back on the field and how so many players suffer injury setbacks when trying to come back too soon. Yet when you read this report, it's pretty convincing that he'll be on the field for Sochaux in France with time to spare.

This is both amazingly encouraging and just a really good personal story.

Apparently all his broken bones and torn PCL are healed and he's been jogging. His accelerated timetable is remarkable, especially when you consider the mental struggle he's been through in light of the accident. Imagine living with the self-doubt after making such a poor decision that easily could have ended your life.

Of course, he's had plenty of physical struggles. I would like to highlight this line from the report in particular -- "a shorter haircut reveals the scar he has from ear to ear arcing over the top of his skull. That scar came after doctors peeled his face off down to his chin in order to repair the multiple fractures that left his facial bones a shattered mess." (My emphasis added -- good god!)

In light of Clint Dempsey's injury and the abysmal showing by the US reserves this weekend against Honduras, it's pretty clear that a miracle recovery is desperately needed. But I for one wouldn't have believed it could be answered.

(Update: here's more from the Davies interview that's not included in the ESPN article.)

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