Friday, July 30, 2010

North Koreans Still Alive

Contrary to what many of you may have been expected, the North Korean team, fresh off their embarrassing World Cup, is home safe and sound.  The team has not been physically punished -- at least not yet -- but they were punished nonetheless.

As this report finds, the Red Mosquitoes were subject to a six-hour session of ridicule and abuse, or as the Guardian says eloquently, an excoriation, from the media, sports students, and the sports minister.  Their failure reflects poorly upon Dear Leader's son and dictator-in-waiting, Kim Jong-un.  They go so far as calling the team's actions a betrayal.  I guess they should be relieved they haven't been sent to any gulags, though rumor has it that coach Kim Jung-hun may be sent to work at a building site.  He may have to watch out for "falling" bricks or anvils or pianos (if they even have them in North Korea).

(By the way, what kind of nickname is Red Mosquitoes??  Hi, we're an annoying, malarial insect... even the USA's "Yanks" -- among the worst nicknames at the Cup -- is better than that.  No wonder you suck -- your efforts at inspiration only bring to mind an easily swatted nuisance.)

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