Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to FutbolNation

In this first post on FutbolNation I'd like to take a moment to discuss the motivations and goals for this blog. For several years a close friend of mine has been hounding me to start a blog on the wide world of football. Finally, after realizing that if I didn't read Spanish I'd have a terrible time following my team, Real Madrid, I thought, "Why not?" Maybe it was time to have something to show for the many hours I've spent musing on, writing about, and generally discussing football in all its forms. And maybe it was time to set up a site where other fans could come get some of their footballing needs filled.

Luckily, I've got a few friends that are as ardent supporters as myself, so I've recruited them to post on this blog. Our goal is to make FutbolNation a site where both casual and passionate fans can check in and get some news and lots of opinions on the major events in world football. FutbolNation is about how much football matters to us, and it will driven by our interests at any given time. I suspect there will be significant overlap between what we're interested in and what you're interested in. Will there be omissions? Probably. Will there be days with numerous posts? Absolutely. With twenty posts? Chill out buddy, we all have jobs.

We may cover topics we care about and you don't. There's a great technique for dealing with those posts called, "Don't read them." But hopefully, more often than not, you'll want to read them, and,better yet, for casual fans we may be a nice source for commentary on some of the major happenings. For you ardent supporters, we should be passionate enough as to our teams, leagues, and nations that you'll be incensed, amused, or entertained enough to come back for more.

So make no mistake, this site is run by supporters. Our analysis entries, predictions, and editorials will likely be biased (our choice of news postings may not be, but no promises). Log in and comment/attack us if you'd like. Check our bios to see who we favor (Note: U.S. Soccer, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Liverpool will be shown love - as will some one-offs, like Juventus, Ajax, D.C. United, Chile and the Columbus Crew). That's part of who we are, and we'll be open about it. Our hope is that the inner rivalries among us will offset this lack of objectivity, but also that these allegiances will make the site better.

So welcome to FutbolNation, you're passport just got stamped, but you're welcome to become a citizen anytime.


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