Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick! Look to Your Right!

Ten years ago it was easy to know where you had to go to watch football on TV in the U.S. - you didn't, because it wasn't on.

Seriously though, even as recently as last year it was rather easy to figure what was going on where. GolTV had the la Liga and the Bundesliga. FSC and Setanta split the EPL. FSC had the Serie A. ESPN had the Champions League. Apart from some one-offs, you just needed to know what time the game was being played and you were set.

Now... not so much. ESPN is splitting la Liga and EPL rights with GolTV and Setanta. FSC still has the Serie A. GolTV still has the Bundesliga, mostly. Fox as a network has the Champions League and promises to run every game live - that means some of your games might show up on FX or other random networks.

And make no mistake, this is a good, even great, thing. There should be more football on TV this coming year than ever before, and it should be on a bigger stage with more visibility. But it may be hard to track down what's on where. So FutbolNation has committed itself to a sidebar "What to Watch and Where" post that will go up Thursdays or Fridays (weekend games) and Mondays (midweek fixtures). We'll limit ourselves to the four major European leagues (Liga, EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga), the Champions League, and perhaps some exceptional Europa Cup, Copa Libertadores, or Copa Sudamericana games. Another parameter is that only live or same-day-delay games will be posted. Equally, we're limiting the list to channels widely available.

Obviously, we'll take care to include special events like the Club World Cup and Super Cups. During FIFA dates we'll do our best to guide you to the major national team games. Hopefully this helps, and we'll all be watching a bit more footie this year!

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