Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Weekend's Quick Hits

The transfer market hasn't quite exploded yet, though there are some things to report from the weekend. Note the nice op-eds below from last week on USA-Mexico, CONCACAF qualifying, the EPL, and the Bundesliga, if the dearth of transfer news just isn't cutting it for you. I'll let others address the EPL kickoff, but let's quickly cover some of the weekend's events.

PSV Eindhoven beat Ajax in a 4-3 game that by all accounts was a thriller.

Good football doesn't take time off - Barcelona came from behind to win the first leg of the Spanish Supercup 2-1. Xavi and youth team phenom Pedro scored to set the blaugrana on their path to their first title.

Arsenal like Van der Vaart and will be making a push for the ex-Hamburger man this week.

Chelsea is still on the prowl with a rumored 57 million euro offer made to Atletico Madrid for Aguero and Maxi Rodriguez. Manchester United and Juventus have expressed interest, but the "blues" have made the first move. Seems like Maxi is being undervalued in the deal if you ask me. Nevertheless, Atletico has made it clear throughout the summer that Aguero would only move when a club deposits the 60 million euro buyout clause required under his contract. Not surprisingly, Atletico has also stated that the move comes far too late, as Aguero is inscribed to the Champions League roster, and is expected to play against Panathinaikos at midweek. While Aguero would give the "blues" a much-needed infusion of youth, it appears this move is not to be.

Ribery ends the speculation on a possible move. Finally.

Pep Guardiola, of all people, revealed Cesc won't be arriving at the Camp Nou...this year.

Alvaro Negredo looked like he was moving to Hull City as of Friday. Now, the player may remain in Spain with Zaragoza. Real Madrid would miss out on Hull's 18 million euros, but would lock in a nearly free two-year buyback clause.

West Ham and Blackburn are looking at Salgado.

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