Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's News and Notes

The continuing saga of Adebayor's disgraceful actions against Arsenal only continues. After the FA approved his three-match ban earlier this week, now comes news of his stomping on Cesc Fabregas even before the sanctioned face stomp on Van Persie. While the other ex-Arsenal player on Man City, Kolo Toure, went into the dressing room to apologize directly after the match, Adebayor has limited himself to pathetically justifying his actions, and repeatedly at that. Mark Hughes as we no know, has only served to enable this type of behavior. Thankfully Arsene Wenger injected some sense into the discussion, though if the Cesc stamp is found to be intentional, it should be the FA extending Adebayor's ban for what was absolutely inexcusable behavior on the pitch last weekend.

Looking forward, however, we find Sir Alex has begun the war of words between United and City. On whether he was worried about Tevez being fit for the derby, Sir Alex minced no words in stating that without Adebayor, City were missing their best player. Rio Ferdinand, despite fitness issues that could prevent his playing the derby, didn't hold back either, knocking City down a few notches with his comments.

Sir Alex has earned the right to talk trash - but has Harry Redknapp, and to Chelsea, no less?

Reo-Coker apparently went all "Sprewell" on Martin O'Neill at practice.

Is Pavlyuchenko on his way to Zenit in the December transfer window?

Apparently Cristiano Ronaldo's free kick goals in Zurich were not as saveable as we initially thought. They reached 103 km/hr, or about 60 mph, and they were loaded with movement. No easy task stopping that. Keep in mind Becks, Alves and Ronaldinho average about 87 kilometers per hour, while only Robert Carlos reached between 110 and 116 kph on average.

Massimo Moratti believes Inter is stronger without Zlatan.

Sergio Ramos will likely get his chance this Sunday against Xerex. It will be interesting to test his form.

Messi will renew his contract, and again become Barca's highest paid player, today.

Reports from Barcelona indicate Atletico Madrid are fearful of another (in the long, long line of recent) blow-out in this weekend's match. As well they should be judging on form. Guardiola, meanwhile, isn't buying it and warns that Atletico may be more dangerous than ever because of their recent form. Sounds like the wounded animal logic to me. And frankly, I hope he's right and Ateltico show some gumption. If the past is any indicator though, they'll show tons of chracater in a 3-1 loss. Losers.

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  1. I don't care how hard you hit it directly at the goalkeeper, it has to be saved. I don't care if the ball turned into a lizard halfway to the goal.