Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Saturday Primer

I know, just yesterday I claimed there wouldn't be much football news until after the international matches. But the world of football just doesn't stop.

Speaking of stopping. John Terry, "Stop talking." Captain Terry believes diving is largely the result of foreigners in the EPL. The Brits are just too "honest" it seems. Ladies and gentlemen - John Terry, you'r xenophobe of the week! Just for laughs, check out these clips of Steve Gerrard not diving, and Rooney too.

Lots of us had serious doubts about Maradona's appointment as Argentina national team coach. This Telegraph piece gives a nice chronology and update on why exactly that is. Need a synopsis? He's a stubborn buffoon who's lacking in tactical acumen and judgment.

Also from the Telegraph, a nice Q&A on the Chelsea transfer ban. Which is a story that just won't stop giving, as Chelsea's signing of an 11-year old is also being questioned.

Manchester United, meanwhile, are confident no violations occurred in their signing of Le Havre 16-year old Paul Pogba. Indeed, the Red Devils assure that no complaint has been lodged by the French club.

What's a Argentina v. Brazil without the madness? See FutbolNation here for a write-up on the possible Messi/Ronaldo fiasco and some game notes. The latest? Thousands upon thousands of Argentina fans are circling the Rosario stadium for the game. The atmosphere should be something between the Coliseum and the Watts riots. Oh, and the Brazilians are bringing their own water to Argentina for fear of poisoning.

Several sources have reported that Rio Ferdinand could be looking to exit Old Trafford.

The Danish are proving quite adept at talking trash. One player has already warned the Portuguese contingent that Ronaldo will be cut down via tackling, and another has stated that the Portuguese had to go out and buy a striker for their match (referring to nationalized Brazilian Liedson). Quieroz is not amused.

Finally, Barcelona are looking to Robinho. The Brazilian has fallen out of favor with Mark Hughes, and Guardiola sees the left winger/striker as a perfect replacement for the ageing Thierry Henry. Rumor also has it that Henry's ego bothered Pep almost as much as Eto'o. So... Henry plus 30 million for Robinho?

Enjoy the qualifying games!

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