Monday, July 20, 2009

Beckham Reaction

Ever since Landon Donovan threw David Beckham under the bus (justly or unjustly), Beckham can't seem to stay out of the news. Beckham was targeted Sunday by the diehard LA Galaxy supporters, the LA Riot Squad, during a friendly with AC Milan. Since Beckham had his commitment questioned by Donovan and really doesn't want to play in LA anymore, not hard to understand why he took some heat, though perhaps he wasn't anticipating the ferocity of it. While one can't blame Beckham for wanting to play in Italy at a higher level, one wonders why he came to the United States and the MLS in the first place. Since it seemed to be for primarily off the field reasons, and he (and his wife) haven't conquered America in the way he envisioned, it's really time for him to leave. And despite the stream of publicity that comes from Beckham, the MLS should permit him to do so.

Bruce Arena says that they regret the incident. Members of the LA Riot Squad question Beckham's version of events. Beckham claimed that he invited one fan saying things that weren't "very nice" to shake his hand. At that point one fan climbed down and was ejected. The fan claims Beckham angrily confronted the fan, which certainly appeared to be the case according to the video. But exactly what happened is likely somewhere in between the claims of Beckham and the fans. Regardless, Beckham has no business going over and yelling at fans for being mean to him. He's played in Italy, Spain and England. Surely he's heard worse than from the 300 member LA Riot Squad.

But it appears that Beckham experiment is just about over. He should go back to Italy where he belongs.

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