Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick USA-Honduras Thoughts

While not necessarily the most meaningful of games (none of this year's Gold Cup games are really meaningful from a team standpoint), I came away very pleased with the USA-Honduras result for a number of reasons:

-Santino. Santino Quaranta getting his first National Team goal, in front of his hometown, home team crowd at RFK was simply awesome to see. For those who don't know, you can chcek out the Washington Post back story on Santino. Santino, a once-promising 16-year old MLS rookie who showed National Team promise, had his career derailed by injuries and a serious drug-addiction problem that resulted in a three month stay at a rehab facility. He cleaned himself up and DC United took a flier on him, and Santino has been reborn, probably the MVP of the first half of DC United's season, and culminating with his strong performance and goal last night. I absolutely loved it and I couldn't be happier for the guy.

-Feilhaber. He looks like he's back. And that is simply great news for the US. He was clearly a cut above the rest of the players on the field and let's hope he can do the same for his club team this year.

-Davies. Continues to impress, and although he didn't score again, he brings a different type of attacking mentality to the team that most US strikers don't have.

-Pearce. I hate Heath Pearce. His first touch when he pushes forward is usually too far ahead and he can't hit a decent service. Bocanegra better be the answer at left back because picking between Pearce and Jonathan Bornstein is no bueno.

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