Friday, July 10, 2009

A Little More USA-Honduras

ArmenoRican covered a decent amount, but a few more points.

-A repeat, actually, but had to mention Feilhaber. When he came on for Logan Pause it was basically night and day in terms of quality. He definitely belongs in the starting 11 if he holds his current form.

-Freddy Adu continues to tantilize. He has to ability to look world class on the ball. But his inability to make good decisions consistently holds him back. And obviously he doesn't provide the burst of Davies.

-Two teamwide positives from this match: the United States showed the ability to persevere and to make adjustments. Honduras dominated the run of play at the end of the first half. But even before the substitutions which obviously raised the level of quality, the United States regained their composure defensively and regained the majority of possession. Carlos Costly was a total non-factor in the second half.

Next up: Haiti on Saturday. Expect to see a lots of new faces, even for this already weakened US team. And probably a win anyway.

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