Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Transfer! A Transfer! My Kingdom for a Transfer!

Finally! While the truly dramatic transfers of the season appear to have passed, the doldrums of July have passed and teams are making moves to improve going into the new season. Few teams (barring Chelsea) have made any kind of statement in their preseason matches yet, so the major currency in football news remains the shifting fortunes of teams and players.

You've already heard, and we've already opined on it here, but in case you missed it, Ibrahimovic signed with Barcelona and was presented before 50,000 fans, who apparanetly were ecstatic that their club was fleeced by Inter. Trust me when I say Real Madrid fans are happy too.

Defensive jack-of-all-trades Alvaro Arbeloa returns to Real Madrid, the club that formed him, for 4 million euros.

Keirrison of Palmeiras finally signed for Barcelona and was promptly loaned out to Benfica to cut his teeth in a European league and in European play.

Manchester City continue to singlehandedly disassemble Arsenal while Arsene Wenger sits back and watches. Kolo Toure's signing proves that Manchester City are aware of a thing called "defense" and that Wenger has no understanding that he's literally selling fourth place to all comers (but probably Man City) this offseason. An interesting article on the struggles facing Arsenal next season here. Trust me (again) when I tell you FutbolNation will be covering this topic soon - probably right after Wenger replaces Fabregas with a 12 year old from Madagascar who shows tons of promise.

Spanish international, deadbeat dad (twice!), and all-around low-class greaseball and scumbucket Dani Guiza will likely be moving from Fenerbahce to Lyon after the Turkish side accepted a 12 million euro offer for the striker. To be fair, the ex-Pichichi can put it in the back of the net.

Marseille has picked up Fernando Morientes on a free transfer. Even at 33 "el Moro" is a winner and should be able to help the French side in a limited role.

Tottenham has given up its efforts to sign lanky striker Huntelaar, and instead signed lanky striker Peter Crouch from Portsmouth.

Ahhhh. Well that felt good. Teams are getting better, teams are getting worse, but things are happening. Thank goodness. Want a bit more on the beautiful game?

WSC has a short bit on Argentine coaching legend and Chilean national team coach Marcelo Bielsa. If you've been following CONMEBOL qualifying, you know Chile is in the nascent stages of what could turn out to be a golden generation.

And in case you forgot, Sir Alex Ferguson still really dislikes Real Madrid. But then again, who hasn't Fergie hated at one time or another?

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