Friday, July 17, 2009

Ibra - Early Morning Update

Barcelona's second football daily is also confirming Zlatan Ibrahimovic's move from Inter to Barcelona, same deal, but they're reporting it for an estimated 45 million euros. The two Madrid dailys on ther other hand have limited themselves to assure that Ibra is "very close" or "a step away" from Barcelona. One Madrid daily, however, pegs the price at 35 million euros.

One more question - what's the total price here? In this market what could Eto'o be worth? Manchester City offered between 25 and 35 million euros. And that price appeared to be reduced because Barcelona had basically written the player off completely. So we might estimate that in this market one of Europe's best strikers could have gone for 45 million euros. Plus the cash Barca agreed to pay - so we're looking at a range of 60 million plus Hleb (at the very, very cheapest) to 90 million plus Hleb (at the upper reaches of the deal). This averages out to a 75 million euro purchase, plus a player loan.

For Ibrahimovic? More analysis later, but has Barcelona made the same mistake Real Madrid once made - undervaluing Eto'o? And then made a mistake Real Madrid almost made twice - overvaluing Ibra?

And Barcelona president Laporta spent two weeks lambasting Real Madrid for their signings - what say we now about this signing in today's economic climate? Vulgar? Arrogant? Imperialist? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Zlatan isn't a Barcelona youth product. But hey -it's Barca right? Can they even do wrong?

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  1. Damn, Inter are making out like bandits in that deal. I'd take Eto'o straight up over Ibra (the big criticism over him not performing up to snuff in big games is absolutely true), but throw in the transfer fee and Hleb, that's a nice deal.